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Keto pink fluff

Keto Pink Fluff + Nutola = slap yo mama good

tastes amazing


eat all yourself

bring to party (um...... holiday parties ....)

Pink Fluff recipe:

1 cup HWC
1-2 tsp extract of choice (almond was what I used with this one)
Sprinkle of Monk fruit or stevia
1 packet sugar free jello, flavor of choice (SF cherry in this case)
1 16oz container full fat cottage cheese
Nutola Granola


Whip cream with sweetener and extract, add in jello, then add it cottage cheese.  Totally edible right out of the bowl, but even better if you refrigerate for an hour or two.  When ready to serve, sprinkle Nutola ( on top! 😋


You can mix and match any extract flavor with any jello flavor to get endless combos.  Have fun!

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